Project partners and collaborators

  • Aristotle University of ThessalonikiTransport Systems Research Group
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Transport Systems Research Group of AUTh (TSRG / AUTh)Transport Systems Research Group of AUTh (TSRG / AUTh) The Transport Systems Research Group was established in 1998. Since then, it has functioned within the Division of Transport Planning and Engineering, Project Management and Regional Planning of AUTh’s Department of Civil Engineering.The scientific activities of the Group fall under the areas of operation, planning and management as well as the impact of Transport Systems of people and goods through different modes (road, sea, rail, air).TSRG carries out both funded (from public and private organisations) and non-funded research. The Group combines field knowledge with established collaborations in every project that it undertakes, utilises existing expertise within AUTh and cooperates with external consultants and researchers.The existing facilities are continuously upgraded in order to keep up with the demands of research and development.Fields of expertise

    • People with reduced mobility (disabled, elderly, etc.) and accessibility.
    • Design, planning and management of Transport systems.
    • Urban and rural public transport and flexible transport services.
    • Freight transport and logistics.
    • Feasibility, traffic and mobility studies.
    • The human factor and aesthetics/art of Transport systems.
    • Social impact analysis on Transport systems.
    • Environmental management of Transport systems.
    • New technologies and telematics in Transport.
    • Transport Safety.
    • Tourism and Transport.
    • Strategic planning and Transportation policy
    • Modelling and operational research.


    Professionals' chamber of Thessaloniki
    Professionals’ Chamber of Thessaloniki (PCTh)

    The Professionals’ Chamber of Thessaloniki, according to Law 2081/92, is a legal entity of Public Law and is an obligatory, integral and independent Association of Natural and Legal entities that exercise a commercial and professional activity within the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. The Chamber has 53,000 professionals as members that are activated in the fields of commerce, of giving services and of Tourism.

    Purpose of the Chamber is the protection and development of professionals and in general, the country’s economic progress. It shows off, and promotes the problems and the interests of its members in the relevant instruments of the state and operates as its consultant. The Professionals’ Chamber of Thessaloniki realises researches for the scientific process of its institutions and also has a long experience as a partner in relevant EU and national funded projects.

Project collaborators



Panhellenic association of the Blind

The Panhellenic Association of the Blind was founded in 1932 and is a nationwide socio-union primary federal union with 9 Regional Associations. The Αssociation is a founding member of the National Confederation of Disabled People and the National Federation of the Blind and participates actively in the formal consultation with the State aiming at equal integration of persons for blindness issues. The Regional Union of Central Macedonia was founded in 1985 with headquarters in Thessaloniki and covers the regional sections of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Imathia, Pieria, Pella and Kilkis. The Regional Union of Central Macedonia is authorized to consult with Regional and Local Authorities.


Panhellenic Association of Paraplegics

The Panhellenic Association of Paraplegics was founded in 1977 in Athens. The District Union of Macedonia – Thrace was founded in 1982 in Thessaloniki and has about 1200 members. The Αssociation’s purpose is eminently social and consists in organizing all quadriplegic and paraplegic in a single entity that expresses their collective will.
The District Union has organized many workshops with topics related to issues that members are facing (medical conferences – vocational rehabilitation workshops etc.) and cultural workshops with tributes to poets and theatrical performances etc.

It participates and organizes many actions of activism towards promoting the interests of its members.

The Association is a member of the National Federation of the Physically Disabled, the National Confederation of Disabled People and the International Organizations: I.S.M.W.S.F. – MOBILITY INTERNATIONAL & D.P.I.


Association of the Deaf of Northern Greece

The Association of the Deaf of Northern Greece is a nonprofit organization which through volunteering actions contributes to the improvement of living standards and to the proper socialization of deaf and hard of hearing people. The Association of the Deaf of Northern Greece has a multifaceted work during the recent years and has developed various activities such as providing the opportunity of using interpreters of sign language, providing information on legislation issues, organizing awareness events and workshops.